The killing of Little Rayan by Somaliland militia

Little Rayan was killed by the Somaliland militia.

The death of Little Rayan is a violation of humanitarian law and a violation of all core human rights treaties.

Little Rayaan was a child residing in Las Anood when Somaliland enclave militia attacked Las Anood in February 2023. Little Rayaan and her family took cover by moving from room to room. Finally, the shell hit her home. Little Rayaan died. Her flesh disintegrated into pieces. Little Rayaan’s heartbroken father narrated this story.

“Rest in the arms of Angels under the Mercy of ALLAH SWT our beautiful Rayaan.”

This is one of the many stories of violations of humanitarian law by the aggressor Somaliland. In the case of Angel Rayaan, it is also a violation of the core human rights treaties including the rights of a child. We seek Justice for the Civilians of Las Anood.

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