This site is dedicated and committed to pro-actively tell the truth about the various conflicts raging on in the Horn of African countries comprising Ethiopia, Somalia Djibouti and Eritrea as they happen. It’s a website that attempts to analyze the causes of these conflicts, the players, and attempts to further expose the falsehoods peddled by internal and external actors in each conflict.

it is aimed at debunking the myths and lies fueling the atrocious crimes being meted by the invading militia belonging to the secessionist clan enclave that has called itself Somaliland. Further it is aimed at changing some of the long-held destructive narratives in the region and to provide alternative vision for the region and creating alternative pathways.

The regional administration of so-called Somaliland is predominantly an Isaaq clan affair that has since been proclaimed by the enclave after the collapse of Siad Barre Regime in 1991.The Somaliland enclave have been trying to secede and proclaim independence but has not been Internationally recognized. In vain attempts to turn their ideology into reality the sessionist Somaliland enclave have used every stratagem including distortion of historical facts, propagation of outright lies, in order to create favorable opinion of their discredited agenda of splitting Somalia into two separate, independent and sovereign republics. The secessionist have certainly been making use of one of Gobbles’ principles of propaganda, namely: that a lie continually repeated over and over again for a long period will ultimately establish itself as a truth.

The truth MUST be told however painful it is and the propaganda, lies and fake news peddled by various actors more so by the secessionist  clan enclave called itself Somaliland that has to be exposed in order to avoid wanton destruction of human lives and their properties. For over 32 years the Northern communities in the Sool, Sanag, and Cayn have been made invisible by these lies, twisted histories and by ruthless interferences by outside actors who have their interests and agendas.

The Horn of Africa especially Somalia has continuously posed a national security  to its neighbors specifically Kenya and Ethiopia, two countries that have suffered most during the long instability of Somalia.

The regions of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) have formed the Khatuumo Administration of Somalia and have various options of becoming a Federal Member State.  SSC-Khatuumo region neighbors the Somaliland enclave to the north west and Puntland to the south east. The SSC region comprises of the following clans:  Dhulbahante, Warsangeli, Fakashiine, Tumaal, Qobojiye clans that are of the larger Darood and Hawiye family who have been marginalized for over 32 years. Its these clans that have come together to decide the future of their destiny!

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